SmallBiz Magazine July 2016 Cover

Introducing SmallBiz Magazine – For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

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small-biz-julyEvery entrepreneur working to build a new business knows the importance of staying on top of trends and tips to help that business grow and succeed. Unfortunately, that self-education takes a good bit of time and free time is a luxury most entrepreneurs simply don’t have. And so, it’s a balancing act of sorts to squeeze time in to continuously educate yourself to stay in the know. Busy business owners and managers need a “one-stop” resource for the latest and greatest actionable insights to apply to their own businesses.

Enter SmallBiz Magazine!

SmallBiz Magazine has just released its first issue which you can grab by signing up here. It is a magazine whose writers understand what matters most to small business owners because it is published by small business owners like you. The publication will regularly feature entrepreneurs in the southeast, particularly Atlanta, to showcase the unique and innovative ideas behind their success.

With the advent of digital marketing, technology is evolving at unprecedented speed. New apps and software consistently flood the market with promises of spurred growth, increased leads, and higher conversions. The exploding market for white papers, eBooks, and case studies has fueled new research into marketing and buying trends. There has never been more knowledge about the buying process and the path small business owners must
take to remain a player in the ever-growing field of entrepreneurship.

Each issue of the magazine will feature articles focused on solutions and trends in the areas of: People, Finance, Strategy, and Sales and Marketing. It is truly a magazine aiming to provide the full scope of knowledge needed to stay competitive in current market situations. Companies can experience real growth by utilizing innovations that have proven successful and which embrace the concepts of Lifecycle Marketing as practiced by SmallBiz Magazine publisher Kazmania Inc., a boutique marketing agency obsessed with helping small businesses grow.
In this issue:

  • What are the perils and pitfalls of CRM software? Sales and Marketing Guru, Steve “Kaz” Kasinetz shares why many CRM systems suck.
  • How do you increase your influence, exposure and credibility as a business owner? Read the interview with EO Accelerator Member Danny Matta of Athletes’ Potential to learn more about how he did just this and created a powerhouse of a personal brand.
  • What are your company’s “Core Values” and why is it important to identify them? Associate Editor Natasha Khairullah offers tips on how to design a company culture that represents the values you wish to promote.

The creators of SmallBiz Magazine have only one goal: to help drive your small business development through providing a monthly roundup of the best advice and information in the field. Therefore, the articles provide information on key aspects of business development in an easy to read and entertaining format. Never miss an issue of the #1 resource for growing your business. Empower your business by visiting today to subscribe.